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We have Moved!!

We have moved premises in Oundle from Fletton House where we have been for almost 6 years to the therapy room at RESTORE at Oundle Wharf. We currently have exclusive use of this room so can ensure our high cleaning standards are maintained and we can provide treatment in all three tiers so that our patients can be cared for at all times. We look forward to working with the lovely team at RESTORE and welcoming you to our new facility.



It has been undoubtedly the most challenging time for our business and for so many across the world but have been so appreciative of the support we have received from many patients. We are now CLOSED once again for lockdown 3 for face to face. However when we return we will be following the most current guidance. Below we provide the most recent guidelines that we were following, which will ensure the safety of all our patients and therapist. 


All of the guidelines are subject to change as the government provides further guidance and we will endeavour to update this page regularly. Please take a look at the steps taken so far but bear in mind that under such challenging times things may be updated as we go forwards. All regular patients will be contacted personally should changes occur.

~ We are currently continuing to offer home visits in the Thrapston area whilst we remain unable to return to the GP practice and at our office at RESTORE at Oundle Wharf. The cost of treatments for both will remain the same as our normal rates until we can return to our premises. (Home visits in other locations are charged at the higher rate unless reason is due to access at RESTORE)

~ Face coverings will be compulsory for both patient and therapist during the entire visit to your home and at the office. Face coverings must be clean. Basic disposable masks can be purchased for just 50p if you cannot provide your own.

~ You are able to provide your own towels should you wish but these should be washed separately at 60 degrees after the treatment. If using our towels and covers these will continue to be clean for each person then sealed and washed at 60.

~ Hand washing continues to be good practice but in addition there will be antibacterial hand gel available to both patient and therapist to use as required.

~ Where feasible treatments will involve patients facing away to avoid unnecessary face to face.

~ As always we will continue to use hospital grade antibacterial cleaning products to clean our equipment.

~ We will be limiting the number of patients per day with a minimum gap of 15 mins between each to ensure ventilation and thorough cleaning.

~ The use of fans are only permitted sparingly.

~ Therapists will not touch anything that they do not own or need to use in your home

~ Cash will only be accepted in exceptional circumstances and card contactless now accepted inc Apple Pay

~ We have taken a certified course through the WHO on COVID 19 to ensure we are up to date with all relevant information

A normal treatment;  what to expect


Receive and return pre appointment assessment form or answer over phone/text: health questions and declaration (at first appointment)

Following appointments will require confirmation of no changes to health and signature on day of appointment

Confirmation text/email sent on day/day before treatment to confirm fit to be treated

Therapist arrives at appointment time wearing mask or patient arrives at appointment time (no earlier) at RESTORE wearing mask

HOME VISIT: Only person treated can meet and escort therapist to room for treatment wearing mask. Nobody else can be in treatment room (under 18 exempt)

Set up and quick visual assessment with social distance observed masks continue to be worn

Treatment avoiding face to face. Mask worn throughout by both with addition of shield for therapist whilst hands on.

HOME VISIT: Therapist uses sink under permission but uses own disposable towel and cleans tap.

Therapist washes up after treatment allowing time for patient to dress 

Table is packed away and cleaned thoroughly outside property. Patient is escorted out of room and leaves building. 

Payment made by online banking or contactless

UPDATED 12/4/21



New Data Protection Legislation is coming into force in the UK on 25th May 2018. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), is EU wide legislation, and is currently being enacted into UK law and will become the 2018 Data Protection Act.

Personal data has been defined by the act as ‘any information relating to an identifiable person who can be directly or indirectly identified’.

The data we collect on you

The personal data we collect includes information relating to your name, address, date of birth, medical notes and wider contact details which you provided at initial assessment. This is stored only as the original hard copy and is never duplicated or shared with any third party, this includes any copies of medical records you may have volunteered. All electronic medical clinic notes use only first and last initial with no other personal information attached.

You have the Individual Rights under the Data Protection act 2018

     To be informed about the personal data we hold on you

     To access your personal data

     To object to the processing of your personal data

     Restrict the processing of your personal data

     To rectify your personal data

     To erase your personal data or have the original copy returned to you


You can exercise your Individual Rights at any time without charge. However, if your request is

considered repetitive, unfounded or excessive a reasonable administration fee can be charged. Please note we currently do not process your data as this is not a requirement of our business.

Please be assured that we take all appropriate technical and organisational steps to protect the confidentiality, integrity, availability and authenticity of your data.


Record Keeping and the GDPR


Due to the nature of our business it is a requirement that personal data and records are kept for 7 years after the last treatment. In the case of minors records are kept for 7 years after they reach the age of 18. During this time data will remain stored in the same way as mentioned above.


If you have any concerns regarding this issue and would like to discuss them please get in touch by email or call 07840638248 to speak to us.

We have taken the WHO course in COVID 19 so that we are in the best position to treat our clients safely.                                   2020

We have undertaken specialist training in shoulder and hip treatments for all injuries and common complaints         2019

We are now qualified to offer Myofascial Release Techniques


Volunteering at the London Marathon



All set up ready to see our first finishers. Our fastest runner this year was 3hr 17secs!


London Marathon 2017


The venue for providing much needed treatments to the incredible runners.


The charity National Deaf Children Society was our team this year.


Watching the runners as they are on the final stretch.


A wonderful day!