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We are proud to offer specialist care in soft tissue therapy and remedial massage. Treating pre existing conditions, injuries and common aches and pains at Oundle's, Fletton House and Thrapston's, Meadows Surgery.

The only Soft Tissue Clinic based at a GP Practice in Northamptonshire

Our Treatments 

What is Soft Tissue Therapy?




Everyone suffers injuries but often they are not treated effectively and this can lead to long term issues. At the Evergreen Clinic we aim to provide care in the initial stages of an injury through to long term specialist treatments. Whether you have a reoccurring, recent or long term injury we could help provide relief and get you back on track.

Specialist Sports Care


Athletes both in the professional and semi professional world put huge strains on their body leaving them prone to injury. Soft Tissue Therapy (formally sports or remedial massage) can help to maintain the health of the body so that you can keep doing what you love.

Common Complaints


So often we suffer daily with back, neck and shoulder pain and ignore these clear warning signs. A remedial or soft tissue massage can offer relief from these common aches and pains and advise on how to avoid long term issues. 

Pre-existing Conditions


If you suffer from a pre-existing condition such as tendonitis, arthritis and even more complex lifelong conditions such as MS or Parkinson's Disease we can offer care specifically for you. Our treatments can be designed to relieve pain, build strength and provide the body with the support it needs to deal with your condition in a safe and manageable way.



During this magical time your body is put through its most extreme changes both mentally and physically. Our specialist remedial massages are designed to cater for your needs during and after pregnancy and can help to offer relief from common conditions including sciatica, back pain and headaches. 

Trained to one of the Highest Recognised Qualifications  in the UK


Level 5 Qualified through Cambridge School of Sports Massage


I started this company after deciding to leave my profession as a Sports and Dance Teacher. I studied Dance at University with a particular interest in Body Manipulation, Anatomy, Physiology and Teaching. I wrote my dissertation on Movement Therapies and planned to further my interest in this field until I was head hunted into Teaching. Whilst still teaching I began working as a part time fitness instructor in the evenings and came across so many people suffering with injuries and complaining of aches and pains and putting them down to age and ignoring the problem. So, now I have returned to Therapy to help those people and am proud to have studied through the Cambridge School of Sports Massage, a branch of the London School of Sports Massage, led by World Renowned Soft Tissue Therapist Mel Cash. As the one of the highest levels of Sports and Remedial Massage Qualification in the country a BTEC Level 5 allows me to treat and offer guidance in dealing with a range of injuries and conditions using a variety of techniques. I am also a member of the ISRM (Institute for Sports and Remedial Massage), fully insured and regulated. Since qualifying I have worked with a range of conditions with a particular interest in those suffering with complex medical conditions. I am regularly developing my range of skills and regularly attend courses on new techniques so that my patients are always getting the best care. I was also lucky enough to work at the London Marathon and enjoy working with athletes and sports people of all abilities. I am passionate about helping others to cope with a range of issues from day to day aches and pains to sports related injuries. Please get in touch if you feel I may be able to help.

Opening hours


Monday-Friday 9.30-2.15pm

Monday-Thursday 6-8.30

RESTORE ONLY or home visit

Monday 9.30am-2pm & 6-8pm 

Tuesday 10am -2pm

Wednesday 9.30am-2pm & 6-8pm 

Thursday 10-2 & 6-8pm

Friday 10am-2pm 

Clinic Locations:



The Meadows Surgery

Meadow Lane


NN14 4GD


Daytime and Evenings

First Floor


Oundle Wharf

Station Rd





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